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Water nightmare on Musgrave Avenue

Published:Friday | August 14, 2015 | 12:00 AM

We need help. We are living in an apartment complex in New Kingston and my apartment is just one of many.

Over the last six or seven days, I have not had any running water. I had previously installed a water container above my shower that lasted for five days, and just for showering and drinking. It is empty now. Also, since this almost a week, I haven't been able to flush my toilet.

The smell in the apartment is unbearable for a civilised person. I cannot wash my plates, pans, pots, thus I cannot use my kitchen and eat. Drinking, from today on, is a problem. Since a week now, I cannot do any laundry. I am running out of clean shirts.

This is a big scandal. And a sanitary problem. Hygiene is gone, and the smell, especially in the night, is unbearable.

The apartment complex has no installed water containers on the roof, thus the Rapid Response water trucks of the NWC have nothing they could fill with water. What I (and many other tenants) need is for the NWC to supply water for half a day or so, that I can fill a bucket.

We need publicity in order to force the NWC to give us water. On the first floor and the floors above, the water pressure is too low, so even if there was water downstairs, we couldn't get it into our apartments.

In effect, since almost seven days now, I have been without water. And because a lot of my money each month goes into rent, I won't be able to purchase water from the supermarket for more than a maximum four days.


3 Musgrave Avenue