Sat | Dec 4, 2021

Incensed at Flow service

Published:Sunday | August 16, 2015 | 2:17 PM


I must admit that I liked it when things were getting competitive with the major telecommunications companies slashing prices and offering great deals in a bid to keep customers happy, which, in turn, boosted their profits.

I had absolutely no problem with that because it was a win-win for both consumers and business. However, we must have been tricked into believing that the Flow-LIME merger was to be to the benefit of the Jamaican people.

Since the merger of the two companies into one brand, we have seen increase after increase in prices, numerous service disruptions, a slower Internet and a decline in customer service from the company, which makes me more likely to switch service provider. In a country where there now exists a monopoly on four of the five major telecommunications services, no wonder we are getting this poor service from Flow.

The Government has sold out the interests of the citizens to Big Business, customers are now at the mercy of the duopoly. However, who are we to expect better when the minister in charge has never been one to care for the interests of the Jamaican people and taxpayers.

The Jamaican people are used to being tricked by politicians who seek votes at election time, but never in my wildest thoughts did I think I'd have been tricked by both a politician and a company that I have been a loyal customer to since the onset. Maybe it is really time for a change.


Mandeville, Manchester