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Letter of the Day: Rabble-rousing Wilson, Crawford weapons of mass destruction

Published:Thursday | August 20, 2015 | 12:00 AM



Sergeant Raymond Wilson and parliamentarian Damion Crawford, by their rhetoric, are comparable to weapons of mass destruction (WMDs).

As the weeks go by, I see where dirty cops are popping up on the radar as they commit serious crimes, and Mr Crawford's response has been "Bun INDECOM". Additionally, I find it interesting how deafeningly silent Mr Crawford is on the instances when police personnel are allegedly caught engaged in criminal activities. He should be absolutely ashamed of himself.

As a parliamentarian, these words "bun INDECOM", even if they were a part of his warped mind's map, should never have been uttered on the platform of a political meeting or anywhere for that matter.

What value does Mr Crawford get from turning citizens against INDECOM, an oversight body tasked with investigating instances of abuse by members of the security forces?

What value does Sgt Wilson get from turning members of the security forces against INDECOM by telling them that INDECOM takes away the rights of the police? He should also be ashamed of himself for turning the thanksgiving service for the life of his colleague, Woman Constable Crystal Thomas, into a self-serving political platform to poison the minds of police personnel.

Thanks to Sgt Wilson's action, he will be chairman of the Jamaica Police Federation for life! The unfortunate thing is that they willingly accepted the poison, applauding even. Mission accomplished, Sgt Wilson!

This country will never get to First World status with these two WMDs in leadership positions. Clearly, accountability for the use of force, and independent investigations of alleged breaches of the rights of citizens, mean nothing to them. Building a relationship of trust and cooperation between the police and citizens is not on their agenda.

I encourage well-thinking Jamaicans to reject the rhetoric of these WMDs.