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Who is really leading the PNP?

Published:Friday | August 21, 2015 | 5:32 PM


I have learnt that in order for any organisation to be successful, it requires a good leader. Regrettably, this has not been a visible characteristic of our absentee prime minister. In fact, I am uncertain as to what her policy directions are, as I see more of her subordinates and less engagement from her, particularly on the crucial issues, often relying on emissaries to engage the public on critical public discourse.

We are now being told that Mrs Portia Simpson Miller has opted to engage the public via the STAR newspaper to ask questions of their prime minister. This, obviously, is an attempt to reach a certain segment of the society, who she thinks might not ask the critical socio-economic questions, among others, that require spontaneous, unscripted responses.

I should remind the prime minister that the Jamaican society has evolved and people have become more informed, and more educated on the issues. They are not easily fooled. In fact, Andrew Holness, the opposition leader, learnt a valuable lesson in the last general election.

Jamaica is no doubt going through immense challenges. The IMF stipulations and austerity measures have further exacerbated the impact on the country's socio-economic conditions.

If the prime minister is seeking to convince the Jamaican people that a social partnership is of fundamental importance, what better way than to answer the tough and hard questions personally? Interviews with the media would be a good starting point, in order to reach out and convince those who are uncertain as to whether she is indeed steering the ship.

Prove me wrong, Mrs Prime Minister.


Daytona, Greater Portmore

St Catherine