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Garvey book for preschoolers spurned

Published:Monday | August 24, 2015 | 12:56 PM


The famous Jamaican artist Ireko Baker and I, Eleanor Wint, some years ago got together and wrote a book titled Marcus Teaches Us. I reprinted this book in 2013 and self-published with Trafford Publishers in the USA. It cost me a lot of foreign dollars as it is 33 pages of shiny colour.

We wrote this book as the only one of its kind in the entire world, a book sharing Marcus Garvey's philosophy, for preschool children between four and eight years of age. It is at these ages that children's personalities, temperaments, and social attitudes are being formed. The book teaches children to love one another, love themselves, and to be self-reliant.

It is important that the Ministry of Education act decisively to introduce Garvey's teachings in our schools. Since 2013, I have given a copy personally to the minister of education, shared copies with the ministry, all to no avail. When it went on sale on, it got some really good reviews from readers and reviewers.

Since then, I have used the book with some five-year-olds in two preschools in Jamaica, and all the children love it.

Could someone tell me why I have to be fighting so hard, with no apparent success, to have the book in the hands of preschoolers?