Thu | Jun 17, 2021

Stop robbing Fraser-Pryce of her glory

Published:Tuesday | August 25, 2015 | 10:47 AMMichael Palmer


On Monday, August 24, I tuned in to TVJ's Prime Time News expecting to get a quick recap and video replay of Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce's victorious run at the IAAF World Championships.

Imagine my surprise when there was no mention of the race in the news headlines, let alone that she was victorious. I regard this as a major slap in the face of this outstanding female sprinter, who, if not already the greatest of all time, is quickly cementing that title for herself.

I think is was very poor form on the part of TVJ, especially in light of the furore that same station created over Usain's victory in the male equivalent the night before.

Shelly-Ann's achievements are no less than Usain's and are deserving of the same accolades that are accorded to Usain; mention of her exploits should not be relegated to only Prime Time Sports.

The disregard that has been shown to Shelly's achievements bring to mind her complaint of a few years ago that she did not receive the respect she deserved on the circuit. It is sad that TVJ has decided to show her the same kind of disrespect.

It is sad to say, but it could well be that in addition to the money that they stand to make by representing Bahrain, that it is the lack of appreciation that is shown to some of our athletes that drives them to make such decisions.

We should all take more time out to show our appreciation to all our athletes.