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Shameful Princess Margaret Hospital!

Published:Wednesday | August 26, 2015 | 7:59 AM


I am convinced that the Princess Margaret Hospital in St Thomas is the worst-run and most useless public hospital in all of Jamaica. It should be designated as one big under-equipped and leaderless clinic. The daily tales of suffering are enough!

Several weeks ago, I learnt first-hand what everyone has been talking about. My aunt waited an entire day and night to get assistance from what looked like an overworked doctor. She sat stooped over in wrenching pain alongside other citizens in equally bad state.

Since my aunt's ordeal, her health has deteriorated and she has had to get medical attention privately in Kingston. There, we found that her lower lung had collapsed for so long that it had died. After a biopsy, it was found that she had a carcinoid tumour. I was told that had she not gone to get help elsewhere, she would have been dead. The private doctor was livid about my aunt's painful experience at the hospital.

It comes as no surprise that the Princess Margaret Hospital is commonly referred to as a morgue, simply because people are of the view that once brought there, you are likely to end up dead no matter how basic your medical problem is.

It really is an inexcusable disgrace that the Health Minister Dr Fenton Ferguson, despite many years as member of parliament, has allowed the hospital to become one of the worst in island. Things are so bad there that laundry has to be carried to Kingston to be cleaned. If he can't get a hand on the Princess Margaret Hospital in his own constituency, it is easy to understand why our public health system is in such disarray.

I am angry! Somebody in government needs to step in and end this senseless suffering.

Thelma Campbell


Kingston 19