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Greens of Christiana inspired entrepreneurship in deceased son

Published:Friday | August 28, 2015 | 8:04 PM


On Sunday, August 16, I attended the funeral for the late Terence G. Green of Christiana, Manchester, and listened carefully to some glowing, and often passionate, tributes to a young man who was merely 49, but had already made such significant contributions, one would have thought he was well beyond 60.

Our congratulations, and condolence, to the Greens, Ivan and Veda, who must have instilled in their son that spirit of enterprise, of entrepreneurism, of independence, which is really the foundation of Jamaica's tomorrow, if ever we are to be truly independent.

The Greens had established their business in the township, and the fashionable Jamaican thing would have been to give his son a good education so that he could go out there and secure a top-of-the-line job and 'make himself a man'.

They refuted that enslavement mentality and, instead, supported their son in acquiring a degree in pharmacology so that he could return and enhance a family tradition. He was doing just that.

Only few and far between in our Jamaican families is this treasured modus operandi manifested. We see it at Jamaica Standard Products, at the Central One Stop Book Shops, at The Golf View Hotel (Enterprises), at Lyn's Funeral Home, and a few other places, but only too few and far between!

We need to see far more of our Jamaica School of Agriculture graduates becoming independent farmers rather than being merely such 'expert hired hands'-- being managers of the properties of others!

We still need, and will forever need, our hired hands, such as teachers (like me: top of the line), but our education must take a good look at itself, where it does not seek only to produce educated people 'to get a good job', but more educated people to create self-employment and empowerment.

Congratulations to the Greens, even in their bereavement and distress, and may their family and the off-springs of the deceased continue in the noble pursuit of INDEPENDENCE.


Headmaster Emeritus

deCarteret College

Mandeville, Manchester