Tue | Aug 3, 2021

Turn NCB ad into national song

Published:Sunday | August 30, 2015 | 9:34 AM


As Jamaica continues to bask in the golden glow of triumph at the World Athletics Championships, so, too, should they be humming the lyrics to that #ExcellenceJA song that has been the soundtrack to the National Commercial Bank's (NCB) ad campaign in sponsorship of the local broadcast.

I cannot identify the singer, nor do I know the writer of that inspiring song, but I really believe that NCB should consider producing an extended version of it in the hope that as many radio and television stations will play it frequently and that our people will come to know it by heart.

This song is truly fit to become the soundtrack to our lives. The soul-stirring voice of the singer will hearten and embolden almost any listener, and provide the kind of mental firmness we all need in a Jamaica where murders and medals reflect the story of an apathetic nation in search of, and in need of, sound leadership.

Kudos to NCB for supporting prodigious athletes Elaine Thompson and Julian Forte who, as brand ambassadors, feature prominently in the inspirational ad.

Let's now hear every line and verse.

Over to you, NCB.

BARRY BROADWELLbroadwell.barry@yahoo.com