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Letter of the Day: No chance for black beauty in Miss Universe contest?

Published:Tuesday | September 1, 2015 | 12:00 AM


The recent Miss Universe Jamaica crowning was so predictable. MP Dr Dayton Campbell was absolutely on point with his statements about these pageants. We seem to celebrate and glorify only one type of beauty, perhaps because of insecurity about race, class and skin colour.

I am already tired of this one-sided stereotypical look. The new franchise holders of Miss Universe Jamaica have crowned three winners to date, and all three could pass for sisters, based on ethnicity.

The current winner, according to The Gleaner, lives in the USA, so I'm confused. Will she reign from overseas? I usually enjoy these pageants and don't have a problem with any Jamaican winning; it is the trend I have issues with.

Don't get me wrong. The winner is beautiful and may even do well internationally. But there seems to be less emphasis on recruiting other ethnicities of high standard, especially our beautiful, black Jamaican women, who exist in abundance.

I am surprised that corporate Jamaica doesn't seem too bothered by this, and the many black Jamaicans who are involved with directing and producing these shows. Are our beautiful black women only good for the running track? These days, I look to the track to be inspired. Not only our men, but our beautiful Jamaican women shine there, many from very humble beginnings, and they are always so eloquent, confident, and boldly beautiful.

We had better be careful about the subliminal messages we are sending to the outside world and the next generation. 'Out of Many, One People' is our motto, yes, and this should be celebrated from all angles.

Then we wonder why skin-bleaching and fake straight hair is all the rage here. I wonder what experts like Dr Carolyn Cooper have to say on the issue?