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Erect new court building in MoBay

Published:Friday | September 4, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Kindly afford me the opportunity to agree with Robert Dalley, writing in the People's Report section of The Gleaner of Saturday, August 22, that Montego Bay should be given a new court building with modern equipment that would serve the St James city and western Jamaica in general.

That new court-building facility is long overdue, and ever since Senator Mark Golding was named justice minister, he has repeatedly promised to acquire suitable lands whereby a new court-building complex could be built. Sadly, to date no action has been carried on this important issue.

Montego Bay is a city and deserves a new, modern court complex housing all the divisions of the court, as Mr Dalley clearly outlined in his article. Like Mr Dalley, I am urging Minister Golding to see this as a priority of his and begin to take steps to build and equip such a court facility.

It is shameful, as a citizen of Montego Bay, that the city is without an equipped multi-purpose court complex, especially within the context that the Government and minister keep speaking about the need for justice reform in Jamaica. What has happened to the implementation of the Justice Reform Task Force report that was commissioned by then justice minister, Dorothy Lightbourne?

I also urge the minister to remove the Gun Court Act from the law books. We have a justice system that is woefully underfunded and not properly equipped, compounding case backlogs in various divisions of the court. Over to you, Minister Golding.


Law Student


Montego Bay, St James