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No excuse for crooked cops

Published:Thursday | September 3, 2015 | 7:27 PM


The Jamaica Constabulary Force is once again under the microscope, with at least two of its members being arrested for serious crimes in recent weeks. Predictably, this has generated immense interest and concern from a citizenry that sways between ambivalence and suspicion or distrust - and for good reasons, primarily, because it is assumed that police personnel who swore to serve and protect are not expected to be involved in crime.

These alleged incidents represent a smear on the character of the force and will perpetuate the perceived, broad-brushed notion that all cops are corrupt.

Regrettably, some members of the Police Federation have sought to justify the acts of these rogue cops by associating their acts of criminality with the challenging economic time and their measly salaries.

This position was stated on

the Cliff Hughes Nationwide programme, aired on August 31, in an interview session with Assistant Commissioner of Police Ealan Powell during a discussion on recent developments that involved members of the force who have been arrested for housebreaking and robbery. Mr Hughes did not disclose his source, but one is minded to believe that there might be some truth to this statement, in view of recent pronouncements by the federation chairman at the funeral of a policewoman who was murdered by gunmen.


I emphatically disagree with this imbecilic notion, which is an insult to the honest, hard-working members of the force. The fact is, the force, like many other organisations, has among it dishonest people who will engage in nefarious activities, regardless of the scale of their salaries.

The trend can be mitigated

by implementing continuous screening of law enforcers and making adjustments for its efficiency, where required. The sooner a workable solution is conceptualised and executed to reassure the public, the better.



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