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Anti-Higgins defence doesn't hold water

Published:Monday | September 7, 2015 | 11:57 AMClyde Morrison


Robert Thompson's critique ('Novlene could teach Javon a thing or two', September 7, 2015) of Orville Higgins' defence of Javon Francis got pride of place in Monday's Gleaner, but he slated his entire argument with a paragraph right in the middle of his letter.

He said, "I think if Javon had adopted this approach, he probably would not have run the fastest time, but most certainly would have been among the medals."

The fact is that if Javon had run any slower, regardless of how he might have constructed his race, including following Mr Thompson's suggestions, he would have missed the bronze medal by more than the 0.001sec which he missed it by! It's elementary! If you run a slower time, you arrive at the finish line later!

Please think again, Mr Thompson.


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