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Francis' heroics worked before

Published:Sunday | September 6, 2015 | 12:40 PM


Those who criticise the tactic used by Javon 'Donkey Man' Francis in anchoring our 1600m relay team in the recently concluded World Athletics Championships in Beijing should stop and think again.

What would you say of someone who, when faced with essentially the same difficult situation for the third time, employs the same strategy that proved fairly successful on the two previous occasions? Wouldn't you say he acted rationally?

Granted, a different strategy may well have produced a better result. But in that moment, would it be smart to try something new, something untested by him?

Javon grabs the baton, the situation is dire. Instantly, images of his exploits in Moscow 2013 and the World Relays 2015 pop into his mind. He's off, having chosen the only rational course of action, given his experience.

'Donkey Man' may be his nickname, but there ain't no donkey brain in his cranium. His critics should check what's in theirs.

Well done, Javon!


Olympian, Tokyo 1964