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Get tough on four-footed leggo beasts

Published:Sunday | September 6, 2015 | 12:28 PM


I get the point Peter Espeut made in his column of Friday, September 4 (The other kind of 'leggo beast') but must interject that 'leggo beasts' - in this context, stray animals - are everywhere.

Here in Pennsylvania, not five miles from the Philadelphia city line and not in deep country, we have to contend with 'leggo beasts' and we can't shoot or hurt them at will but must get a permit that is only applicable at a specific time of the year.

They invade our unfenced yards, eating away at our flowers and our gardens. They have caused serious traffic accidents with fatalities as they bound recklessly across our fenced highways. I am talking about deer. I think they belong to Santa, but he says his nine are with him at the North Pole so those on what my father used to call 'long pasture' remain ownerless, especially in accidents.

Now and again one may spot a cow, but it is usually tagged and readily identifiable and the animal-control people are prompt in rounding it up.

I suggest that the Jamaican Government declare a 'leggo beast' season, like the bird-shooting season, and sell licences and clean up the wanderers. Problem solved!


Havertown, Pennsylvania