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God is no raving lunatic let loose

Published:Tuesday | September 8, 2015 | 12:00 AM


For someone to sit down, conceptualise, type, and submit to a newspaper an article ('The God of the Bible is not merciful', Gleaner, September 8, 2015), as Michael Abrahams did, he must have intended to be disparaging, rude, and insulting to believers, and the one they worship, the Creator.

For such a person to be able to read this email and still be able to live and work as if nothing has happened, he should by now have a good understanding of what is meant by the mercy of God.

Many scriptures were quoted in the article in an effort to portray an evil God. All of the examples of wrath were quoted void of context, with no mention of why, as if some raving maniac was let loose on innocent mankind.

How would the physician writer of this article feel if, in observing him performing a C-section, a reporter wrote the following, "I witnessed Mr Michael Abrahams cutting open the abdominal cavity of a heavily pregnant woman."


no context


Please note that without a proper context, and without better and further particulars, and depending on who is reading the article, one could mistakenly come to the conclusion that he was committing a heinous crime.

I am aware that it is now open season on people of faith, especially Christians. Please accept my advice - reconsider your assault; this is bigger than all of us.

The Creator does not have to respond to insults and disparaging comments now. There is a set time to reboot mankind. It has happened before; it is certain to happen again.

You have quoted many passages of scripture in your vain attempt, but I will direct you to only one: It only has 12 chapters - Ecclesiastes. Take the time; it could be very humbling.

May the Lord continue to have mercy on Michael Abrahams.