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Delano Seiveright: a breath of fresh air

Published:Wednesday | September 9, 2015 | 1:28 PM


The Parish of St Thomas has long been a forgotten part of Jamaica. The only time the parish would be mentioned was when there was some serious disaster or some problems with sugar cane cultivation. There has been little to no major infrastructural or social investment in the parish for years, and as for political representation, it has been very one-sided, with western St Thomas getting much more action than eastern St Thomas, not sure if it's because of western St Thomas' proximity to Kingston and Eastern St Thomas' proximity to East Portland, which is also in very bad shape.

As someone who is originally from eastern Portland, who was born at Princess Margaret Hospital, who attended Happy Grove High School, who grew up on the border of Eastern St Thomas, has very strong roots in places like Amity Hall, Dalvey, Morant Bay, etc, I speak with much passion about a place I consider my home. Dr Fenton Ferguson has done a major disservice to Eastern St Thomas over the years. Some communities represent real poverty and serious underdevelopment. To hear Dr Ferguson defend his stewardship is laughable, when the roads are a disaster, social welfare is non-existent, unemployment features heavily in almost every community, and the list goes on and on. Our politicians seriously need to be more genuine about their performance and stop making themselves out to look like fools.

Delano Seiveright's entrance to the constituency is a needed breath of fresh air! St Thomas eastern is now on the front burner, the potentials of the constituency are now being acknowledged and highlighted for possible developments. The hardships of the people are also becoming a focus, as, unlike some constituencies where they are highlighted as a political ploy, in this case, the hardships are so real, they pierce one's heart, so election time or not, once highlighted, the people's cry cannot be dismissed.

I truly hope Mr Seiveright is given the opportunity to represent the constituency where, by the way, my family still lives in Amity Hall, where some people still don't have running water and must fetch water from a standpipe on the roadside, and that's when there is water in that pipe, where pit latrines, still feature heavily in some homes in 2015.

A word of advice to Mr Seiveright: if the people invest their trust in you to represent them, don't fall into the same category as many other sitting MPs, who only serve their own self-interest and that of their friends. With the current condition of the constituency, if you should be selected, your ability to turn Eastern St Thomas around can solidify your place in politics. Look what Daryl Vaz has done with Western Portland, Dr Dayton Campbell with St Ann North Western, and Damion Crawford with St Andrew East Rural.