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God the creator and manufacturer

Published:Wednesday | September 9, 2015 | 11:06 AM

The Editor, Sir:

In regard to Michael Abrahams' article, 'The God of the Bible is not merciful', he seems to be denigrating more so against Christians and Christianity.

God-deniers (atheists) believe that mankind evolved from the ape as opposed to the biblical account that all humans descended from Adam and Eve, created by God. If Abrahams holds to the biblical account, then wouldn't it be because God is merciful that He spared both Adam and Eve (from whom Abrahams himself also descended), after they disobeyed God's commandment? (Genesis 2-3) And isn't it also because God is merciful that He, knowingly (being omniscient, also omnipotent), allowed Michael Abrahams to be thus critical of Him?

But even more significantly, Abrahams failed to note that it was not a case where Christians take it on themselves and determined and declared God as being merciful. The fact is, it was God Himself (at the point of giving the Commandments and Scriptures to Moses) who declared Himself merciful (Exodus 34:6-7).

The reality is that God is a creator as well as a manufacturer; and in terms of His actions, He acts no less rationally than human inventors, creators and manufacturers, all invariably made in God's image and likeness (Genesis 1:26-27). To prove a point to potential customers, the Benz manufacturer, for example, takes a new "criss" Benz and crashes it to prove the line's optima and durability (similar to what God allowed on Job and his family). And when vehicles, etc, do not function optimally as intended by the manufacturer, they are recalled, repaired, scrapped, or dumped, no less or no more rationally than God does with disobedient humans; some now, but all on the imminent day of judgement.

There is a thin line between good and evil, also between right and wrong, between love and hate, and between wise and foolish. Abrahams seems to be drifting to the latter, where in Scripture it is said, "The fool has said in his heart, there is no God" (Psalms 14:1; Psalms 53:1).

Samuel Phillips