Wed | Jun 16, 2021

Voting dilemma

Published:Wednesday | September 9, 2015 | 11:34 AM


I heard that very soon we could be faced with the dilemma of the decision to vote for either of the two local political parties that have track records of poor performance. (Our response to the other minor options and the lack of noteworthy prominence has not made the decision any easier). Although members of the two major parties want us to believe that they have performed very well, the resulting outcomes from the 1980 election, and our present social and economic standings, highlight the truth.

Like many other Jamaicans, I have held the view that choosing poor performance from either of the two parties is pointless. However, recently, I realised that the best option we have in dealing with this election dilemma is by raising the standard of operation in our country by voting out the ruling contender.

If poor performance is given the chance to continue for another five years, the likely outcome will be that poor performance will get worste, rather than significantly improving on its shortcomings (that should have been dealt with over the five-year period).