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Don't cuss Asafa, others

Published:Friday | September 11, 2015 | 3:02 PM


I just don't get it.

So, some athletes openly spoke of the lack of support they've been getting from the Jamaican Government. That is very sad, knowing how much they've helped to build Brand Jamaica. Anyway, what I take issue with are the persons who are holding other athletes accountable.

Some persons were commenting on Asafa's Facebook page, asking him if he's ever helped any of the other athletes since he can afford to. When did this become Asafa's or any other athlete's responsibility?

Look at the number of persons working in various organisations making three times what others are working. Dem a split dem pay? Dem a tek dem money give the others? Isn't it the same for these athletes who are also working hard for their money?

Sometimes I think people forget that track and field is the athlete's profession. Work dem a work.

working man

The other thing now is that I'm always puzzled as to how people would cuss Asafa if he runs in a Diamond League and wins, saying he only runs for money.

Work di man a work!

Di 'mount a police weh sick wah day. Di 'mount a teacher who a bawl bout seven per cent. A money oonu want just like the athletes.

Everyone who gets dressed and goes to work does it in anticipation of the 25th, the fortnight or the weekly salary.

And people are always talking about Asafa being a poor performer when some of them can't even get a promotion at their jobs. Some journalists don't even know how to write.

Call fire truck, and by time dem reach, di house bun dung. You have grade-six children who can't read to save their lives. Are these professionals performing poorly, too?

There are many factors that prevent us from performing at the highest level in our different fields. It is just that some jobs are in the spotlight more than others.

Leave the athletes alone, man! A work dem a work!