Thu | Jan 20, 2022

Allow voters to think for themselves

Published:Sunday | September 13, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Is it not surprising that Jamaica's minister of justice, Mark Golding, finds it so necessary to be championing the suggestion of his private-sector colleagues, saying that failure to vote for the People's National Party would be tantamount to madness.

He might have given some credit to our fast-maturing, voting population to be capable of analysing those considerations for themselves. Does he not know that our cherished democracy would be strengthened by not crowding out independent thought?

Based on his own account, he would already have the votes of his private-sector colleagues safely in the bag by virtue of their capacity for sound evaluation of the voting paradigm.

Kindly understand, minister, that by your very own token, you could surely realise tons more votes should you for once allow independent thinking, such as abound in the private sector, to proliferate elsewhere.