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Oh, for a water plan

Published:Wednesday | September 23, 2015 | 1:45 PM


Water, water all around and not a drop to drink. Now we know what it's really like to live in Hope and die in Constant Spring.

As a citizen residing in Hope, I think it is ludicrous to be living within walking distance of the dam and receiving water every third day of the week. In fact, even in supposedly good times we experience water lock-offs and I heard only yesterday that we are now going to receive water for two days each week. I'm aware that there is a water crisis but what are the nation's planners seeking to do to alleviate the problem?

Successive Governments have known that this is an annual problem but have done little to change the situation. The dam has not been de-silted over the years and now they are claiming it's too old for this to be done as it is in danger of collapsing. Both parties must bear the blame for this. Water is Life and they have successfully robbed us of it.

The Planning Institute of Jamaica should be flushed down the tubes but unfortunately we do not have enough water to do it. Housing developments are escalating in the Liguanea area. High-rise multi-family houses are a common spectacle nowadays in land space previously designated for single-family homes, yet the basic infrastructure of water remains in short supply. What are they planning for, a water war?

As our wells seem to be only wishing wells and we cannot de-silt, we may have to de-salt. It may be time for us to look to the sea and see what can be done to turn salt water into fresh water. Jamaicans are innovative, so individual, school and organisational competitions could be initiated to encourage persons to come up with inexpensive methods of desalination and purification of the salt water that is all around us, while it lasts.

There is no overnight fix for this problem but it needs to be addressed now. The cup of our frustration overflows, so please wash it with water and not political rhetoric.

Sheryl Griffiths