Sat | Dec 9, 2023

Apologise for what?

Published:Monday | September 28, 2015 | 3:42 PM


The mental slavery of some black people never ceases to amaze me. So Professor Verene Shepherd seems to think that British Prime Minister David Cameron should apologise for the ills of slavery. Seriously, madam?

I suppose Mr Cameron is responsible for Jamaica being one of the most murderous countries in the world. I suppose he is responsible for the 800-plus murders that have plagued Jamaica since the start of the year. I suppose he is responsible for the tribal politics that continues to divide Jamaica. I suppose he is responsible for our young black men walking around with their pants at their knees. I suppose he is responsible for our young women becoming baby factories.

It is amazing how we love to talk about what we endured during slavery as if any of us ever felt the ramifications of it. I wonder if any of these slaves were around today, if they would be proud to see what we have become as a race.

We love to talk about reparations. In the meantime, we do not teach our children to be proud of the colour of their skin.

Do not expect Mr Cameron to fix us. The change begins with you and I.

Michelle Bradshaw