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Put prisoners to work for Jamaica

Published:Monday | September 28, 2015 | 2:02 PM


I think the relevant authorities should do a survey in the prisons and identify the inmates, both male and female, who have useful skills and come up with initiatives to use those inmates in ways that will bring revenues to the Government's purse.

The inmates should get a percentage of whatever money is made. After a while, the profits could be allocated to assist in the running of programmes and the feeding of inmates. This would be better than suffocating these people's talents and straining the pockets of taxpayers of this country.

Those who are found to be without skills should be trained and used in the system.

The correctional officers are there to properly secure them from escaping, so that should not be a worry. I think there are enough correctional officers and police officers who can be assigned to prisoners to offer proper security for them in public spaces.

Wake up and smell the coffee! Instead of thinking about building additional prisons, think about rehabilitating the prisoners already in the overburdened system.

Mark Bell