Sat | Jun 12, 2021

We will fail again

Published:Tuesday | September 29, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I believe that Britain will eventually give us the reparations which we have been seeking over the last few decades.

I am not in favour of reparations, as I feel uncomfortable asking for something that we do not deserve. The freed slaves should have received it, but we should not be piggybacking on the misfortune of our forefathers.

My understanding is that slave owners were compensated for losing their slaves. In other words, Britain bought freedom for the slaves. Britain should not have stopped there, as the slaves should also have received adequate compensation. But this was not done.

Successive governments have failed us since Independence. We inherited a booming economy, but because of recklessness, we lost it all. Asking for reparations is a sure sign of failure of the nation and an attempt to make another fresh start. However, we will fail again.

If Britain is going to give us this reparation, I would not want that nation to give the money to our Government. I suggest that Britain should give us reparation not in cash, but in kind. For example:

- Build us a water catchment system, so that everyone would have water, even during droughts.

- Equip our hospitals with state-of-the-art equipment and put funds/a system in place/in an account for medicine and medical supplies.

- Construct an overhead road to help ease traffic congestion on Hope Road, Old Hope Road, Half-Way Tree Road and Constant Spring Road.

I will end there, but there is just so much that even Britain can do in these times.

Danny Persaud