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Make the most out of prison funds

Published:Friday | October 2, 2015 | 4:53 PM


Ever since the announcement by David Cameron, prime minister of Britain, of a grant to fund the housing of Jamaican prisoners who will shortly be deported, I have heard varying opinions and views about the proposed development.

Persons are questioning whether we are really independent. Others are saying that this is not a priority as there are more important things the money could be used for at this time.

Let me state that while I, personally, could list more than a thousand other things that I would recommend that we use the money to do, I must state that this money is not a loan, but a grant that will be given with condition that it be used to build a prison.

The UK government has taken a decision to save itself millions of pounds by sending Jamaican prisoners home. To accomplish this, they are investing in the construction of a facility to house them.

take advantage

Given that this is the case, I propose that we accept this grant and take the advantages that come with it.

Let us not focus on what else the money can do but ensure that the majority of the proceeds of this project remains in Jamaica. We must ensure that as many Jamaicans as possible be employed to the project. We must not allow them to only employ foreigners, but ensure that our tradesmen are employed so that the money spent on this project can be filtered into the Jamaican economy.

We must also ensure that the materials used are bought from suppliers in Jamaica so that the persons employed to these businesses and as many Jamaicans as possible can benefit from it.

It is my view that this is a done deal, so let us ensure that we benefit economically from this project in every possible way and make the best of what we are given.