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Out of the mouths of children!

Published:Friday | October 2, 2015 | 4:40 PM


The article appearing in The Gleaner about the views of the Windward Road Primary students on David Cameron's visit gives me much hope about the future of this country. First of all, I must congratulate the teachers, parents and other caregivers for nurturing clearly brilliant students.

Isn't it amazing the thoughts that unbiased yet brilliant young minds can produce? I take particular interest in what young Sharissa had to say. Very correctly, she pointed out that it was wrong for Mr Cameron to be held accountable for the actions of his ancestors. All but one of her classmates agreed with her.

Sharissa impressed me further by proving that she could not be fooled into accepting nonsense. She said she refused to believe that "woman on the radio" demanding that the British pay reparations, as it was the Africans' fault for selling out our ancestors in the first place. Incredible brilliance - a child!

Why is it that we have been flooded with the strange and biased views of supposedly smart intellectuals when we have very smart children like those at Windward Road Primary who clearly have the intellectual ability to give us a more informed view on reparations? That article was a refreshing read indeed!

It was really good to see that those who represent our future aren't as biased and naive as those who lead us now. Those children at Windward Road Primary surely deserve a lot of praise for their high intellectual development.