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People's Report: Waterford residents heartened by JUTC intervention

Published:Friday | October 2, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Approximately two weeks ago, I wrote a letter to the Jamaica Urban Transit Company ('Waterford residents fed up with JUTC') and forwarded the same to media entities expressing what I felt was an injustice to the residents of the Waterford community. This letter, however, will take a much different tone, as I have seen the efforts made by the company and staff to address the issues we were facing.

Kudos to Mr Neville Francis, depot manager, Portmore branch, for contacting me and informing me that the company had received, and had acknowledged, my letter, and said the company had taken it seriously and was in the process of putting measures in place to not have the matter continue.

It is a refreshing feeling to have an agency such as the JUTC taking a complaint as seriously as it did and taking steps to address it. I think I speak on behalf of the residents of Waterford when I say thank you and keep it up. Real-time feedback and dialogue is one of the most cost-effective customer-service measures and you have proven to the citizens of Waterford your commitment to being our "route to excellence". JUTC's action also proves there are ways to have matters rectified and effect change other than being boisterous and disruptive.

I would like to also commend the dispatcher, that elderly lady, for committing herself to the job and to us. I do hope this commitment will hold firm and that the JUTC and the residents will continue to have mutually beneficial relations from here on.

So again, on behalf of the citizens of Waterford, I would like to thank the company for its efforts in providing a now reliable transportation system.