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People's Report: Woo Chinese to build cross-island pipeline

Published:Friday | October 2, 2015 | 12:00 AM

St Mary:

Two weeks ago, as I traversed the leg of our new highway system that runs north to Moneague, it hit me that this was truly an engineering marvel.

I stopped to admire the view from one of the highest points and then I began to wonder: If Jamaica was able to access the funds and expertise to build this, and the rest of Highway 2000 in such a relatively short period, why can't we launch a similar initiative to bring the abundant waters on the north side of the island to the south side which suffers from an almost continuous drought?

I will probably sound simplistic to many of your readers, but has anyone in government made a really serious effort to fly this kite with multilateral or bilateral agencies?

If the United States and Britain are really serious about their expressions of the value of their relationship with Jamaica, why wouldn't they be willing to at least use their influence to get us the financial resources at concessionary rates to fix this vital but vexing issue which has existed from time immemorial?

And what of our most recent best friends, the Chinese? It is obvious they have the money and the engineering skills to take on such a project, maybe even in their own self-interest of trying to expand their already massive footprint in Jamaica. Has anybody asked? And I believe if the Chinese could be persuaded, the project would be completed in record time.

We now have some great roads which save us a lot of time and hassle, but has anyone ever tried to quantify the possible hundreds of thousands of productive and leisure time hours lost because of this untenable situation?

The phrase 'water is life', though hackneyed, should always resonate with those who have the responsibility for ensuring its provision. This has gone on for much too long.

Minister Pickersgill?