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Turning Peter's Rock into garbage dump

Published:Friday | October 2, 2015 | 12:00 AM

A week ago, I decided to walk up the hill leading from Hill Road in Norbrook to Peter's Rock. The road is narrow and winding, bordered by lush green vegetation and an inspiring view of the mountains.

My pleasure was enhanced by a cool, gentle breeze. This is the kind of serene environment that makes Jamaica a special place. Unfortunately, my six-mile walk was marred by the garbage strewn along both sides of the road the entire journey. It is appalling that we have so little respect for the beauty and cleanliness of our environment.

Every few yards along the roadway was littered with every type of garbage imaginable. I was distracted by piles of broken floor tiles, old telephones, piles of old shingles, abandoned sneakers, sardine tins and old clothing.

But the gold medal winner of discarded garbage was easily the plastic water bottles, particularly those with the bad spelling of water. Many of these bottles came in different sizes. One of the largest was the one that claimed to be Bigga than the rest. There were some with a brand name that started with the name of an addictive drug.

Coming in a close second place were the white styrofoam containers. There were several other food containers. An attractive one loudly applauded itself as the king of burgers. Clearly one of the most surprising was a discarded, typed letter signed by a pastor of a denomination in Jamaica which is located in Meadowvale. The letter implored its members to observe the seventh-day Sabbath. Obviously, some one was not impressed with this letter. Perhaps the pastor should impress on his flock that cleanliness is next to godliness.

Many of us seem not to realise that the garbage we casually discard eventually ends up in our gullies, rivers and our sea coast.

We cannot continue to use our country as a garbage dump. Let us not continue to wallow in filth.


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