Sat | Oct 16, 2021

Seriously, Mr Garry Sinclair?

Published:Wednesday | October 7, 2015 | 12:00 AM


On Tuesday night, I observed Flow's managing director, Garfield Sinclair's performance on TVJ's newscast and was struck by Mr Sinclair's smug, arrogant and nakedly self-satisfied attitude and tone that revealed such open contempt for customers and the Jamaican people, all of which are consistent with his parent company, Cable and Wireless' long history of such obnoxious attitudes and conduct towards Jamaican consumers. Though Mr Sinclair's decision to not refund duped customers seems similar to so many others, his anti-customer decisions and arrogant attitude are far worse than others in recent memory.

In justifying the decision why Flow will not refund customers for non-delivery of content, he claimed the content pricing was less than customers would otherwise pay had Flow gone to the trouble of actually acquiring the programmes legitimately. In an attempt to validate his position, he dismissed affected customers by telling us to go check North American costs for such content. Seriously?

Mr Sinclair doesn't bother to mention that Flow refuses to refund customers for the non-delivery of substantial content despite Flow having packaged, advertised and sold such content to customers with whom they signed contracts; and that Flow wilfully collected payments over and over again for such content, knowing they had no right to the content as it was other people's intellectual property.

Now, according to Managing Director Sinclair, it's our fault to have taken Flow at its word that it would deliver certain content at certain prices, and we don't deserve refunds for the non-delivery of such content since we weren't paying the full value cost. Seriously?

For me, I'm done with Flow having just terminated my longtime relationship with the company. Furthermore, I am now agitating for a class-action lawsuit against Flow with all duped Flow customers joining in as, in my view, a lawsuit is the appropriate response to smugness, arrogance and downright chicanery business.

Derry D.

Upper St Andrew