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Don't misuse voters' data

Published:Thursday | October 8, 2015 | 12:00 AM


National Security Minister Peter Bunting's announcement that he's interested in providing the electorate's database with more than a million Jamaican citizens' private information to the police and that only those with something to hide should be against such a decision is a major breach of trust.

It is also delusional to think that most law-abiding Jamaican citizens would agree with such a risky and potentially dangerous move.

I am a law-abiding, tax-paying citizen without even an outstanding traffic ticket. Yet, I am among those citizens who are vehemently against Mr Bunting's proposition to hand over citizens' private information to the Jamaican police.

As we all know, there is far too much evidence of across-the board corruption in this country for law-abiding citizens to support Minister Bunting's latest proposition. Also, far too many police personnel are charged with very serious criminal offences which serve to erode confidence in the police having access to any such information.

Minister Bunting's boss, Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller, should discipline him for proposing such a backward and potentially dangerous move since someone in his position ought to know that what he is contemplating will put law-abiding citizens at risk of abuse of the information given.


St Catherine