Tue | Jun 22, 2021

God's sodomy law unchangeable

Published:Thursday | October 8, 2015 | 8:19 PM


Maurice Tomlinson's letter to the editor dated October 7, 2015 suggesting that the Church should have marched for reparations would be hilarious if it was not downright silly.

Picture this article if you will: Support for the case of reparations for the trade of enslaved Africans grew by leaps and bounds last week when the Church - nearly 20,000 flag-waving Jamaicans - joined the appeal to Britain, demanding, among other things, "a formal apology, debt forgiveness, as well as unspecified financial damages for the persisting 'psychological trauma'" from the days of plantation slavery." [Extract from Claude Robinson's article in article 16/3/14]

The level of mockery against the Church would know no end. It would be said that one moment they have a CAUSE against the LGBT campaign and for retention of the buggery law and now they are seeking to spread the gospel by earning reparation funding. Ridiculous!

Addressing the anti-buggery law of 1864 which was colonially imposed, be advised that this and other laws were extracted from the Bible [See Leviticus 18:22-23] and God's laws are irrefutable and not seasonal. While the Brits upheld it temporarily and subsequently removed it from their constitution to facilitate man-made laws, which are subjective, let it be known that there is no modernising of God's law without severe penalty like Sodom and Gomorrah experienced.

It is well-known that 'if America ketch flu, Jamaica begins to sneeze'. LGBTs may well be a minority group, but they have an agenda to become the majority. The practice of homosexuality is not a matter between two people in the privacy of their bedroom, or the recent Jamaica Pride event would not have been staged.

Whether global leaders approve or not, Mr Tomlinson, it is my opinion that there are sufficient Jamaicans who will stand for what is right, with or without the funding of our global leaders. Since these global leaders do not acknowledge that God created male and female as a couple with no exception, it is time for us Bible-believing Christians and anyone who knows the truth to 'advance the welfare of the whole human race'.