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Don't dare give cops voter data!

Published:Saturday | October 10, 2015 | 9:08 PM


National Security Minister Peter Bunting's preposterous lobbying to provide the police with the private information of more than a million citizens who have registered to vote is nothing but a last-gasp grasping at straws that reinforces how totally ineffective and largely incoherent have been all his other so-called strategies, plans and activities to reduce crime and deter criminals.

Minister Bunting's reckless striving undermines the little trust in Government that people may still have, as people everywhere understand the extent to which such a breach could lead to a dangerous misuse of law-abiding citizens' private information. Considering widespread corruption and the criminal conduct of many police personnel, including those who aid and abet criminals, the abuse of such information seems highly likely, even inevitable.

Minister Bunting doesn't acknowledge that the Government's law and order and justice systems are among the root causes of Jamaica's high crime rate and of his own ineffective performance as national security minister. Why should criminals not act with impunity when they know that even in the improbable event they are caught, corrupt persons can facilitate their escape from jail; court trials are unlikely to occur for many, many years, increasing the odds of them walking free; and the penalty for such heinous crimes as rape of a minor can be a slap on the wrist?


St Catherine