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Letter of the Day: Gays have right to be as miserable as married folk

Published:Monday | October 12, 2015 | 12:00 AM


With all due respect for both the prevailing religion of Jamaica and Esther Tyson's heartfelt endorsement of opposite-sex marriage only ('God's design for sexual union', Sunday Gleaner, October 11, 2015), we don't actually know what God's plan is.

Creation produces a human population that has been about 10 per cent homosexual since as long as we know. If creation is God's work, that would be His or Her plan. (The Bible does include endorsements of slavery as well. Is that God's plan?)

No damage has come to the American society since gay marriage became law. Marriage does not have be destroyed, as was threatened. There are simply more happy couples who may also end up in divorce court like other heterosexual couples.

Meanwhile, to justify marriage based on how children are produced - one man and one woman - ignores the fact that same-sex couples use the same means that heterosexual couples use when they are unable to produce a child: in vitro fertilisation, donor eggs, birth mothers. Countless heterosexual couples have been the beneficiary of this service. There is no reason not to extend it to others. It is clearly not a homosexual-specific medical advance.

In America, the Church and the state are supposed to be separate, allowing for many religious points of view, without one dominating government discourse. If a person such as Kim Davis, who refused to issue marriage licences to gay couples, accepts a government position and the money derived from it, she is bound to uphold the law.

If she does not wish to uphold the law, she should resign. That would be a true act of courage. Protesting while being paid means she is not willing to accept the consequences of her point of view.

The Church does not trump the law of the land. This is one of the great strengths of the United States. It is at our peril that we begin to invoke a one-religion view of social affairs. In Islamic countries where this prevails, women are still treated as second-class, citizens, and sexual mutilation is socially sanctioned.

It is time the Church removed itself from consensual human sexuality and marriage and focus on poverty, social justice, integrity, forgiveness, love and the art of being happy on this vulnerable little planet. We have committed same-sex people to enough misery as it is.