Fri | Jun 25, 2021

National profile won't buy you power

Published:Monday | October 12, 2015 | 11:44 AM


The recent political reversals suffered by Raymond Pryce, Lloyd B. Smith, Christopher Tufton and Sharon Hay-Webster seem to be a good sign that some positive changes are occurring within our political landscape. Surely, our political aspirants are now starting to learn a new truth: Their national profiles are no guarantee for political advancement.

Surely, in the case of at least some of these people, the days when they can be parachuted into a constituency as complete strangers, expecting to win on the basis of who they are, are coming to an end.

We were being led to believe that as some of them were so qualified and had such national profiles, delegates who did not vote for them were making a big mistake. Some people also felt that the young and bright politicians were being rejected, which wasn't good for political development.

This development is a good thing. It means that delegates and other voters are now thinking before they vote. It will also mean that those wanting to enter the political arena can no longer take people for granted. they will have to start developing the kind of relationship that will earn them respect.