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More pressing issues than length of uniform

Published:Wednesday | October 14, 2015 | 2:32 PM


It is out of sheer ignorance that I pen this letter to enquire of my learned colleagues to share with me and the wider society any research in any discipline where there is a co-relation between female students wearing long uniforms and increase educational outcomes. For all practical purposes having a skirt 11 inches below one's knee is not practical on many grounds. In the first instance the fabric of many uniforms tend to be gabardine and with a tropical marine climate such as that of Jamaica these uniforms become extremely hot during the course of the day. Let us be reminded that for the most part Jamaican classrooms are not air-conditioned.

Secondly, why should female students be forced to wear formal wear to school? Yes, formal wear. The length of some of these uniforms mimics those of haute couture gowns which are only worn to formal occasions. Having an uniform eleven inches below the one,s knee has nothing to do with education. We need to ask ourselves the question are we serious about providing our students with an education, or are we into the creating more distractions with already plague the Jamaican education system.

The education system is beset by problems such as bullying, which oftentimes goes unreported in many instances or in some cases students dispense their own justice after the failure of many schools to address same. The continued under achievement and under participation of our males urgently needs be addressed if Jamaica hope to have sustainable development. Sustainable development cannot be achieved if one sex is marginal zed. The exodus of our teachers of Mathematics in such of better working conditions and remuneration needs urgent attention. Given that Mathematics is a critical pillar of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programme, our policy makers should be looking to address these vital issues than spending man power and other resources to suspend female students whose uniforms do not meet the required 11 inches below the knee rule.

As a society we continue to major in the minor issues with our myopic view of social issues in a global zed context.

Wayne Campbell