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Holness, Shaw and illegal sand miners

Published:Friday | October 16, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Andrew Holness
Audley Shaw

"Failure is not fatal but the failure to change might be." - John Wooden

I liken the recent pronouncement by Andrew Holness to remove all auxillary fees from the public school system in the same category as illegal sand miners. Holness and his lot know that this is the only way that they can win the next elections and with this pronouncement, they very well will win.

But Jamaica will lose. In fact, the economy will, once again, fail under Holness and Audley Shaw.

When Shaw, Holness and their team decided to offer 'free' health care, they had absolutely no way to pay for it. That didn't matter. Just like the illegal sand miners around the country, that didn't matter to them. Quicksand bucks now and eventual destruction of our watersheds and environment. No big deal.

Similarly, Holness and his crew want the quick votes now, oblivious to how their operations can lead to the destruction of the health-care sector at some point in the future. That failure of thought led to the destruction of whatever semblance of quality health-care that Jamaica had and this is now our present reality. A health-care system in which the most recent comprehensive audit finds not a single facility being "adequately" supplied or managed.

So Holness, in his desperate play to regain power, is now offering to do to the education sector what he and his lot have done to the healthcare sector. So instead of pronouncing free auxiliary fees and the like, Holness really should be talking about destruction of the school facilities, lack of educational resources, inability to properly clean and maintain the education infrastructure and decay of the quality of the delivery of education for our children.

He will probably win, and Shaw will probably walk away from all our financial obligations, based on his own track record in managing businesses. This is the only method of operation that he knows.

So, the failure of these men and others like them in the JLP will be fatal to our health care, education and financial sectors.

- Mark Handy