Tue | Jun 22, 2021

It’s election time again

Published:Friday | October 16, 2015 | 12:54 PM


With just over one year remaining in the People's National Party's term, get ready for the obvious changes that will occur. The political parties will present their manifestos outlining their strategies of moving the country forward. The promises will be endless - paved roads, water, housing and land, further subsidy on university tuition, improved healthcare and jobs, jobs, jobs, so that you can work, work, work.

Members of parliament will take time out of their busy schedules, park their Pajeros and C-class Mercedes Kompressors to walk on the tracks and hillsides. Children will get a chance to touch the 'celebrities' that they only see on TV in the palace called 'Parliament'. They will play with your dog, Rex, eat tin mackerel out of your Dutch pot, look at the holes in your roof over your bedroom and, before leaving, take your name and number in order to put you on the 'jobs, jobs, jobs' list.

There will be full-page ads in the tabloids and paid announcements aplenty. There will be cars, Jamaica Urban Transit buses, and trucks filled with political supporters hanging from windows waving flags and shouting 'shower' or 'power' on their way to rallies. There will be internal demonstration and face-offs over who is to represent the party at the pools.

At the rallies and meetings, the politicians are the entertainers or 'trickers', revealing secrets from Wikipedia, sending threats and taking swipes at their opponents. All the scandals and those affiliated with dons from 1962 until now will be disclosed through the speakers all over the island. The country will be painted orange and green, from buildings to animals. There will be free hats, T-shirts, liquor, lunch and dinner, travels across the island and, believe it or not, money, all in an effort to sway your voting choice.

'Call it, Andrew, call it!' was the PNP's song four years ago, but is now being mimed by the Opposition Jamaica Labour Party.

But who will win the elections?

Hezekan Bolton