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We need to wake up and bring back Jamaica

Published:Friday | October 16, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Michael Scott, superintendent of police in charge of Kingston Central Police Division, and his team at a crime scene at James Street in Central Kingston after a shooting earlier this year.
Forensic investigator working at a crime scene.

It has been reported that, as at October 14, the number of murders committed since the start of the year is 981.

Yet, for some reason, rather than addressing the issue, we seem to be more concerned about reparations and a white man suggesting that we need a high-class prison. We are, in fact, proving him right.

For some unknown reason, we seem to love to major in the minor, and bury our heads in the sand, refusing to admit that Jamaicans and Jamaica have a problem.

Many are quick to say that people like myself who dare to speak up and speak out because we want better for people and country are making Jamaica look bad.

The only persons making Jamaica and Jamaicans look bad are the ones committing the crimes and those who refuse to admit that we have a serious problem.

We are at a point where neither the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) nor the People's National Party (PNP) can fix this because, in many instances, they created it.

We cannot blame others when Jamaicans create hell elsewhere and are placed behind bars. We cannot blame others when they refuse to admit us into their country.

It is amazing how we can band together and forget about political alliances when we are 'bigging' up our athletes and other Jamaicans that excel, but fail to find that same togetherness in standing in solidarity against useless politicians, police and the justice system.

I am appealing to all Jamaicans to put political affiliation, hate and divisiveness aside, and understand that, as a people and a country, 'this nuh look good' and it is going to take all of us to fix it.

This is not JLP or PNP country. This is Jamaica where, out of many, we are supposed to be one; where we pray for Eternal Father to bless our land; where we should be able to stand and say with pride, "Jamaica land we love."

The Government, Opposition, civil society, churches, Jamaicans overseas and at home, each and every one of us, we need to wake up and bring back Jamaica.

Michelle Bradshaw