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Letter of the day: Wedding dress or uniform?

Published:Sunday | October 18, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I am greatly concerned for the parents who are financially drained and yet forced to purchase additional material to make extra-long uniform skirts for their daughters.

One morning, while it was raining on St Johns Road, I observed a student in blue skirt that covered her ankles. The young lady had her school bag and had to be holding up her long skirt to avoid the water. She was really struggling to navigate the water while she secured her skirt and books.

Is this mode of dress part of a fantasy of the principal? It is now a common trend for principals to ask students to make these 'wedding dresses' for school. What are they hoping to achieve?

Parents can barely feed their children and now they are being asked to buy five yards of material instead of 2 1/2 yards for each uniform. I can undertand schools that require their girls to wear their skirts three inches below the knees, but to the ankle is asking too much.

Is there a scientific correlation between academic performance and long skirts? Why should the schools add to the financial burden of parents?




Poor girls, it must be challenging to hold up those long skirts to use the bathroom and to lift them up during the rainy season. I went to high school in the 1980s. My skirt was long and I am a very short person, but it certainly was not sweeping the ground like the ones I am seeing now.

Mr and Mrs Principal, have mercy. Remember the cost of uniform material increases with the slide of the dollar, and people's salaries have been frozen for several years. Please allow us to get two uniform skirts instead of a single sweeping one.

O. Morgan