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No beggars, but green iguana in Cayman

Published:Sunday | October 18, 2015 | 10:49 AM


I read with interest your column concerning the lack of beggars and stray dogs in the Cayman Islands (Gleaner, Saturday October 17, 2015).

Being resident in both Jamaica and Grand Cayman, I can appreciate Dr Vaccianna's comments. Cayman is not perfect. However, I have always admired how vested this tiny island is in cleanliness, road maintenance and civic pride.

As an avid runner, I do not have to fear stray dogs interrupting the bliss of my morning run. Nor do I have to worry about being hassled by beggars in the streets of George Town or on the beach. Of course, I will be greeted by the occasional wild chicken or green iguana.

Life between these two island homes has certainly made me appreciate them both on different levels.

Dr Michael Leon