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Take down that sign!

Published:Tuesday | October 20, 2015 | 12:00 PM


I am a resident of the Manor Park/Waterworks community, and I am disappointed, disgusted even, to see that the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation (KSAC) has allowed the erection of a huge billboard in our community park for a guns and ammunition dealer to advertise its products.

Some will argue that since the company is a legal business it has a right to advertise. While I don't disagree with that argument, I have a problem with a government department giving permission to a dealer of guns to advertise on government-controlled lands, especially a community park that is frequented by children.

I think the Government must be held to a higher standard and be guided by what is right and morally correct rather than purely economic considerations.

We are struggling as a nation to cope with gun violence that has snuffed out the lives of thousand of our people over many years.

The last thing we need is for our own government to support any measure that could result in more guns being in the hands of more Jamaicans.

We the citizens of Manor Park/Waterworks are demanding that the KSAC removes the offending billboard from the park forthwith.

Winston D Barrett