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Fix calendar for school holiday

Published:Wednesday | October 21, 2015 | 12:01 PM


This past Heroes Day/mid-term break saw a span of school closures from Thursday, October 15 to Wednesday, October 21, with Heroes Day being Monday, October 19. Some schools were closed Thursday and Friday, others Tuesday only, some Friday and Tuesday, and others Tuesday and Wednesday. Why have such variation over a span of five days when we are one small island nation of 2.7 million people? Is it so difficult to have all schools have a relatively fixed school calendar where holidays are concerned, set out by the governing body - The Ministry of Education?

A relatively fixed calendar will give all schools sufficient time and latitude to set their own individual agenda around the ministry's reserved dates.

Consider the many other benefits:

difficult to coordinate

Efficiency and productivity - Parents will be able to better coordinate their work schedules around their children's holiday.

1. Employers benefit - Employers will know exactly what periods they are most likely to see leave requests and better plan for optimal performance during those periods.

2. Holiday activities - Holiday is a time to take a break from the daily routine, spend time with family and friends and recharge. If family members are on holiday at different times; it makes it difficult to coordinate family activities together.

3. Economic benefit - Consider the increased travel during this time of relatives in the diaspora who choose this time to visit family members who are out of school. Consider the family events that can be better planned around fixed dates to get maximum attendance. Consider the various school activities (sports competition and other extra-curricular) that have to be altered because coordinating schools do not share the same holiday periods.

The current minister likes to speak of dealing with the low-hanging fruit, well this fruit has fallen off the tree - it's that glaring.

Jason Robinson