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JCC behaving hypocritically on referendum

Published:Friday | October 23, 2015 | 12:00 AMMartha Brae


As a practising Anglican, I was very annoyed with the Jamaica Council of Churches? (JCC) statement that the Jamaican public is not mature enough to evaluate and vote in a referendum on the important matter of our final appellate court.

The JCC stated: ?While it would be a good thing for the Jamaican electorate to participate in this decision by means of a referendum, we regret that, as a nation, we have not yet demonstrated the political maturity that would allow us to engage a matter such as this one without making it into a political football, or voting along party lines instead of attending to the gravamen of the matter at hand.?

From my own experience in the congregation of a prominent Anglican church, I would state unequivocally that these very Anglican pastors who think the people are to immature to vote in a referendum are themselves very partisan.

I have been able to glean the partisan leanings of several of my Anglican pastors from the things they say from the pulpit and the positions they take on public issues. I generally choose to ignore it, as I attend church to receive religious and not political - moreover partisan - instruction and because I accept that partisan loyalties worm their way into every single Jamaican institution, including the Church.

I find it most ironic that the Church, which is in the business of getting the masses to accept the gospel, believes the masses are sufficiently smart to engage in the matter of their own heavenly salvation but not sophisticated enough to engage in the matter of their final earthly appellate court.

I think this is an overtly hypocritical and politically partisan position by the JCC. As a practising Anglican, I resent being spoken for when I have never heard a sermon nor attended any Anglican seminar on the benefits and or pitfalls of signing on to the appellate jurisdiction of the Caribbean Court of Justice.