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Bring in crooks, dead or alive

Published:Tuesday | October 27, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I recently came across a documentary about the 1963 incident in Coral Gardens titled Bad Friday. It highlights the active involvement of civilians, police, soldiers and the Government in eliminating Rastafarians from the society. This was a very sensitive event, marked with heinous actions.

However, I believe that such an uprising is once again required in Jamaica. This time, it must be an effort to rid Jamaica of criminals. I believe it's time that we, as a society, move against criminals. The people of 1963 were willing to treat Rastafarians with brutality; why not criminals in today's society?


What message?


I must note that while not promoting violence to rid violence, it would have a great impact on the psychological state of criminals when they realise that citizens are standing up to them.

For too long we have been calling for authorities to do something about crime, while we know criminals, see their offences, and remain silent!

Recently, I was a victim to robbery in the busy downtown streets; people saw and did nothing. What message are we then sending to criminals? How will we ever get rid of crime if we continue to ignore it simply because you're not the victim?

Criminals will continue to prevail over this society if we do not instill fear in them. It's time for the nation to act! Alexander Bustamante reputedly said, "Bring in the Rastas, dead or alive." I believe now is the time for us to put a bounty on the heads of criminals in Jamaica.