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Letter of the Day: Uncommitted must take reins in next election

Published:Tuesday | October 27, 2015 | 12:00 AM


At the age of more than three score years and ten, and with some understanding of historical and spiritual dispensations and ages, I have no greater hope or expectation than you that politicians are willing or are able, by themselves, to change Jamaica's social and economic circumstances for better, regardless of how many votes they receive.

However, the current statistical dead heat between the governing People's National Party (PNP) and the Opposition Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), presents a clear opportunity for so-called uncommitted (non-) voters to test their power and make a difference. This, by turning out and voting in unprecedented numbers in the upcoming national and municipal elections. That is, assuming there is genuine interest in making a real difference for country and self.

On the other hand, the apathy and lack of interest indicated by young Jamaicans in participating in the political process should create some kind of alarm and self-searching, to determine the extent to which this apathy and lack of interest reflect ignorance, laziness, and/or a fear of taking responsibility and being individually accountable for personal and national development.

By failing to take this opportunity when it is presented this time, the erstwhile uncommitted may well qualify to be justifiably advised, hereafter, to 'forever hold your peace', your opinions and your complaints.

It seems to me that with the polls showing a statistical dead heat between the governing PNP and the Opposition JLP, there is now a vital need for every sincere, committed Jamaican, in the 'articulate minority', in civil society, and even the diaspora to 'get off the fence', take responsibility, and act decisively to be more a part of the solution than the problem.


solution process


It may well be true, as some believe, that the Eternal Creator (God) needs no help from any of us to 'set up kings (rulers) and put them down'. However, the issue, in this instance, and at this level, has less to do with divine intervention and control and more to do with whether, as fence-sitters, uncommitted and disinterested, we are willing and available to participate in the solution process - much like the biblical success story of the four lepers, among a besieged nation at war, who decided to go up to the camp of the besiegers, though they might almost certainly die, instead of simply passively submitting to the siege, where they and their countrymen would otherwise certainly die of starvation, etc (2 Kings 7).

Please note that if you decide to go up to, or against, the many 'besiegers' - including complacence, apathy, etc - for this or any future election, it is important that you pay attention to real issues and factual accuracy (at least) before coming down, or going up, on one side or the other.


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