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Recruit moguls to economic council

Published:Tuesday | October 27, 2015 | 10:46 AMTHE EDITOR, Sir:

British Prime Minister David Cameron has appointed Chinese business mogul Jack Ma, founder of lnternet sourcing giant Alibaba, to his team of economic advisers. This is a very interesting development and underscores the extent of globalisation and the search for new ideas for economic growth, even among the most developed nations of the world.

Reading about Jack Ma's new role in Britain's economic affairs leads me to wonder about our own economic situation in Jamaica and the absence of any proven team of economic advisers to our Government.

With the exception of the Richard Byles-led Economic Programme Oversight Committee team, which seems to basically monitor the International Monetary Fund stranglehold, Jamaica does not have the benefit of real and proven business people as a core group advising the nation on how we could move and grow the economy amid the austerity regime.

economic direction

Imagine what we could achieve if we had the likes of a Butch Stewart, Lascelles Chin, Glen Christian, Michael Lee-Chin, Nigel Clarke, Jayson Hall, Gordon Shirley, and two or so young, bright rising stars from the University of the West Indies, as part of a council of economic advisers to the Government of Jamaica.

I believe the country could head into a new and positive economic direction if we had gentlemen of the calibre and track record of those I mention advising us on the way forward.

The leadership of the country need to realise that we cannot continue to rely on the advice and involvement of obstinate bureaucrats to lead us to the economic prosperity we seek.

We must make use of Jamaica's best and brightest.




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