Fri | Oct 22, 2021

Ferguson disrespectful, insensitive

Published:Thursday | October 29, 2015 | 12:00 AM


There has been much hoopla these past few weeks regarding the #deadbabiescandal. With every revelation of facts surrounding this tragedy, there is further heartbreak, confusion and sheer fury. For 19 babies to have died at two renowned hospitals because of a bacteria outbreak is unapologetically unacceptable!

There needs to be greater effort on the part of the hospitals and the Government to rectify this issue and compensate the families for their irreplaceable loss. To add grave insult to injury, Minister of Health Dr Fenton Ferguson stated in Parliament that the klebsiella and serratia dead were not "babies in the real sense", as they were prematurely born with underdeveloped immune systems. What blatant disrespect and insensitivity for the mothers who are grieving, the fathers who are helpless, the cousins, aunts, uncles, friends and supporters who are bearing the weight of this travesty!

He should be utterly ashamed that he allowed such a careless and erroneous remark to leave his lips. The statement is saturated with ignorance and debases the value of the life of all children. Too many ministers appear to undervalue youth and the importance of family life in nation building. Too many ministers fail to take responsibility for their actions that cause further harm to the citizens of Jamaica.

Though Dr Ferguson has apologised for his thoughtless remark, he should be held accountable for what has been happening at the hospitals.

Life should always be valued. There is sanctity in every born and unborn child.