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'Bhuttuism' prevailing in Senate

Published:Friday | October 30, 2015 | 12:00 AM


It is obvious as is the trend these days that decency will lose in the present Senate saga. As a former teacher, I used to encourage students to observe parliamentary procedures in conducting meetings.

The recent Senate behaviours belie such observances nowadays, unless our aim is to promote 'bhuttuism', as the late Professor Rex Nettleford coined.

For what seemed to start out as a simple request for a hard copy of a document being quoted from has turned into a street brawl of sorts, especially because it comes from a body of individuals that was expected (from original inception) to display stately behaviour.

So then, the Caribbean Court of Justice can kiss Jamaica goodbye for now, as we know that the Marlene Malahoo Forte antics have played handsomely in favour of the Opposition's desire. This, as vindictiveness is a thread that runs liberally throughout Jamaicans' modus operandi.

So who will bell the cat? Who will stand up for decency and decorum in conducting our affairs? Which person/institution will stick its neck out for the respect, brotherhood and peace that we speak about in the national anthem and pledge?

Can we start by forming an integrity commission of sorts that will vet the candidates put forward for senatorial duties, as well as monitor their conduct inside and outside the Senate? A process that would also exclude candidates known to be abrasive in conduct?